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The reality

Is your passive income from rental property really passive?

Landlords can spend hours a week overseeing a rental property business. From finding the right tenants to handling rent collections and dealing with legal disputes, Requity Homes helps make real estate investing turnkey.

We will take care of your home as if it were our own.

Let's talk about what services might fit your needs - No pressure!

About us

Property Management by Requity Homes delivers stress-free and flexible property management.

Requity Homes takes care of everything from start to finish.

  • Apartments

  • Basements

  • Single-detached Homes

  • Duplex

  • Triplex


Anywhere across Ontario

  • Furnished 

  • Unfurnished

  • Medium-Term (1- 6 months)

  • Long-Term (7 months & up)

More cash flow

Less vacancies

Less delinquencies

Stress-free investment
Property Management (1).gif


What we do


We ensure that your property is seen widely by listing it on various high-traffic websites and optimizing outreach through SEO strategies, maximizing your cash flow and minimizing the risk of tenant vacancy. Don’t have eye-catching photos of your property?  Requity can help you snap amazing photos to capture what your home has to offer.


We help you find the best tenants through our thorough screening process that includes income verification, credit verification, and reference check, ensuring you only get qualified renters. From managing showings to key dropoffs, Requity Homes has you covered.


Once we find our perfect tenant, we take on the next steps to ensure an efficient move- in, we prepare all lease documentation, document property’s condition, and collect the first & last month's rent.

Collection & Disbursement

We collect the rental income from your tenant, report it to the credit bureau, and disburse payments within 24 hours. This can help decrease the risk of missed payments from the tenant.


In the event of multiple missed payments, we handle the eviction notice and keep you updated on the process.


Reduce your maintenance headache. We ensure a high standard of service for your property and work with a roster of qualified contractors, presenting you with a supplier quotation before approving any repairs.


Why work with us

Industry Experts
Full Service
Tailored Solution

You will be working with real estate experts.

You can sit back, enjoy that “passive” income you are looking for with our end-to-end property management service.

You only pay for what you need as we support our client’s unique goals.


How much it cost

One-Time Payment

One Month Rent

For landlords looking to expand the reach of their vacant property with the goal to acquire desirable tenants.

  • Listing

  • Screening

​No upfront cost, you will only pay for every successful lease!



of month-on-month rent

For landlords who have no time to handle their rental properties and prefers to have a full-property management from start to finish.

  • Listing

  • Screening

  • Moving-in

  • Moving-out

  • Collection

  • Disbursement

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Maintenance

Cleaning, repairs, and other maintenance cost carried by contractors will apply.

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